About the Journal

The International Journal of Ekistics and the New Habitat is an online double-blind, internationally peer reviewed research journal. The journal publishes scholarly insights and reflective practice of studies and critical writing concerning the problems and science of human settlements. The field of Ekistics is mapped against a classification of settlement scale, from the remote village and rural township to global systems of dense smart cities, and increasingly the challenges of on-and-off world sustainable habitats.

In broad terms, papers in Ekistics and the New Habitat contribute to the scholarly discourse about the systemic nature of how humans design, build, link-up and transform their world. Articles examine empirical and non-empirical research and ideas that critique the necessary relationship between people, our human settlement designs and technological systems, and our natural and designed habitat. Models, case studies, rigorous conceptual work, design interpretation, smart-citizen education for smart cities, resource flows, network behaviour, and reflective practice are published in order to continually improve and advance the application of integrated knowledge that defines the epistemic telos of Ekistics.

In reference to the history of the journal, the International Journal of Ekistics and the New Habitat: The Problems and Science of Human Settlements is rooted in the renowned Ekistics journal (1957-2006), which has evolved into a new online journal in 2019. The sequential numbering of the volumes has been maintained in honour of the legacy of the preceding journal. Back issues of the previous journal are lodged with our archive partners at JSTOR in addition to the issues of Ekistics and the New Habitat.

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