Vol. 81 No. 2 (2021): Special Issue: Saudi Vision 2030 - Habitats for Sustainable Development

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Saudi Vision 2030 is Saudi Arabia's vision for the future. It is a package of social and economic policies that are designed to free the kingdom from dependence on oil exports and to build a prosperous and sustainable economic future by focusing on the country's strength and policies. The Saudi Vision 2030 is calling for action in several sectors related to design practice and the built environment. The solution to the demand for design increasingly takes the form of a continuum of products, services and communication as part of strategies which embrace broad issues ranging from technologies to culture, from strategies to the planning of visions and scenarios, with a view to innovation, and environmental and social sustainability. The forthcoming Special Issue: Saudi Vision 2030 - Habitats for Sustainable Development, presents a diverse range of analyses and case studies.


The issue begins with an introduction by Dr Yenny Rahmayati, from Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia, who highlights the importance and impact of Saudi Vision 2030. This theme is developed in the subsequent articles which explore from diverse perspectives the ways that vision 2030 necessitates a shift in mindset from strategic planning to a focus on sustainability; a shift that entails wide ranging changes throughout planning, architecture, and urban development. Such a shift in thinking is also reflected new inclusive and participatory approaches to historical villages, which are now being reused and adapted for development. This topic is a focal point of the special issue, with two articles focused on approaches to the reuse of historic buildings. Another key feature is the prevalence of case-study-based analyses that explore complex questions, such as how to improve the quality of life in residential areas, through tangible examples and lived experience. The last section of the issue looks at Vision 2030 and its effects on Riyadh, exploring this question from two points of view. The first is a commercial perspective, discussing the branding of the city, while the second is that of architecture students.     

Published: 2022-02-18

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